1. ‘Elemental’ by Cynthia Anderson- reading

  2. “Constellation” written and read

  3. “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carol- read

  4. “Sweet Respite” by Michael Simpson

  5. “Exodus Remix- Preamble and First Two Chapters” by Steve Braff

  6. “Swing Low” by Steve Braff

  7. “Adams ‘s Task” by John Hollander- read

  8. “Hurrahing in the Harvest” by Gerard Manley Hopkins- read

  9. Elegy of Three

  10. Mary Oliver- read

  11. “Freeway 280” by Lorna Dee Cervantes- read

  12. “Motherhood” by May Swenson- read

  13. “Lady Lazarus” by Sylvia Plath- read

  14. “The Emperor Of Ice Cream” By Wallace Stevens- read

  15. Steve Braff

  16. Shine, Perishing Republic by Robinson Jeffers- read

  17. “Solitude” by Anna Akmatova- read

  18. “Digging” by Seamus Heaney- read

  19. “The Chambered Nautilus” by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. - read

  20. “Day in Autumn” by Rainer Maria Rilke- read

  21. ‘yet again’ by Jalaluddin Rumi - read

  22. “The Ghost of Leonard Cohen” by Michael Simpson- read

  23. “I Praise” by Rainer Maria Rilke- read

  24. “Rivers Grow Small” by Czeslaw Milosz- read

  25. “Cutting Loose” by William Stafford- read

  26. “The Colonel” by Carolyn Forche- read

  27. “This Was Once a Love Poem” by Jane Hirshfield- read

  28. “Musee des Beaux Arts” by W. H. Auden- read

  29. “The Second Coming” by William Butler Yeats- read

  30. “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” by William Butler Yeats- read

  31. “To a Daughter Leaving Home” by Linda Pastan- read

  32. “My Mother” by Robert Mezey- read

  33. “A Music Stand” by Jodie Hollander- read

  34. “The Metronome” by Jodie Hollander- read

  35. “Migraine” by Jodie Hollander- read

  36. “The Chicken Lady” by Jodie Hollander- read

  37. “The Talking Tree” by Jodie Hollander- read

  38. “The Depths” by Laura McCullough- read

  39. “Hit the Crash- Symbol” by Laura McCullough- read

  40. “In the Air, It’s Fair” by Laura McCullough- read

  41. “Border Dancer” written and read

  42. “Late Spring, Dignity” by Laura McCullough- read

  43. “Jersey Shore Boards: Got a dollar, man?” by Laura McCullough- read

  44. “First to Go, Last to Know” by Laura McCullough- read

  45. “Daddy Trance” by Laura McCullough- read

  46. “Brainspin Me Another Wunna Those” by Laura McCullough- read

  47. “ ‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers” by Emily Dickinson- read

  48. “God’s Got Gaming Sense: Everyone Loves a Slurpee” by Laura McCullough- read

  49. “Arbuckle’s Fault” written and read

  50. “Mercy Gets Her Krump On in Atlantic City and Shows Some Boys How to Dance Like a Girl” by Laura McCullough- read

  51. “Moon Croon in Eatontown” by Laura McCullough- read

  52. “Yesterday, quite late, I visited my three onions” for Eva Niklaus - written & read

  53. “Godstomp Glomp” by Laura McCullough- read

  54. “They Move at Night” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  55. “The Transverse Ranges” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  56. “Storm Hunger” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  57. “The Wild Inside” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  58. “Necessities” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  59. “Auspices” by Cynthia Anderson- reading

  60. “Receding Moon” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  61. “Ars Poetica” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  62. “Oracle” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  63. “The Open Zero” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  64. “Light from the East” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  65. “Rain that Doesn’t Arrive” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  66. “Where Shadows Fall” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  67. “Current” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  68. “The Lone Woman of the Cave” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  69. “I Sit By The Fire” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  70. “The I-10- San Bernadino County” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  71. “The Tower” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  72. “Return to the Coast” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  73. “Gridley Trail” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  74. “Nothing Out There- Keys Ranch, Joshua Tree National Park” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  75. “Archives- Open desert, Black Eagle Mine Road” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  76. “Underground- Hwy. 86, Ancient Lake Cahuilla” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  77. “King Clone- Johnson Valley” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  78. “Badwater- Death Valley” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  79. “What We Can” by Teresa McNeil MacLean” –read

  80. “Bristlecones, Patriach Grove- White Mountains” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  81. “Dawn, Lathe Arch- Alabama Hills” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  82. “The Turning” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  83. “Escape” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  84. “White Raven” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  85. “Frozen Morning” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  86. “Pulse” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  87. “Transgression” by Cynthia Anderson- read

  88. ‘’Guises of Rattlesnake” by Cynthia Anderson- reading

  89. ‘The Sick Cholla’ by Cynthia Anderson- read

  90. ‘Ordinary Doves’ by Cynthia Anderson- reading

  91. ‘Following’ by Cynthia Anderson- reading

  92. ‘Ever After’ by Cynthia Anderson- reading

  93. ‘Nasturtiums’ by Virginia Barrett- reading

  94. ‘Reasonably Priced Accommodation’ by Michael Simpson- reading

  95. Leonard Cohen, “Titles”, reading

  96. ‘Boogie Street’ by Leonard Cohen, reading

  97. ‘Wish Me Luck” by Leonard Cohen- reading

  98. ‘By the Rivers Dark’ by Leonard Cohen- reading

  99. ‘Roshi’ by Leonard Cohen- reading

  100. ‘The Lovesick Monk’ by Leonard Cohen- reading

  101. ‘The Book of Longing’ by Leonard Cohen- reading

  102. ‘October Dawn’ by Ted Hughes- reading

  103. ‘Wind’ by Ted Hughes- reading

  104. ‘Cold Wind’ by Jim Harrison- reading

  105. ‘Goat Boy’ by Jim Harrison- reading

  106. ‘The Horses’ by Ted Hughes- reading

  107. ‘The Thought Fox’ by Ted Hughes- reading

  108. ‘Macaw and Little Miss’ by Ted Hughes- reading

  109. ‘The Jaguar’ by Ted Hughes- reading

  110. ‘The Hawk in the Rain’ by Ted Hughes- reading

  111. ‘Honey for the Women’ by Richard Jarrette- reading

  112. ‘Age Sixty-nine’ by Jim Harrison- reading

  113. ‘Rebus’ by Jane Hirshfield- reading

  114. ‘First Light’ by Dan Gerber- reading
    Dan Gerber, poet, poem, poetry, SteveBraff, reading, spokenword

  115. ‘Lois Frank at the Lost Horse Mine, Joshua Tree, California’ by Iris Cushing- reading

  116. ‘Group of Boys Lighting Jewish School Bus on Fire’ – written and read
    SteveBraff, poet, poem, poetry, reading, spokenword

  117. ‘Suitcase’ by Tobi Cogswell- reading

  118. ‘Wild Geese’ by Mary Oliver- reading

  119. ‘The Journey’ by David Whyte- reading

  120. ‘Her Grave’ by Mary Oliver- reading

  121. ‘Desert Dweller’ by Cynthia Anderson- reading

  122. ‘Beach Bone’ by Catherine Abbey Hodges- reading

  123. ‘Nuns in Rome’ by David Starkey- reading

  124. ‘Nobody Knows’ by Marsha De La O- reading

  125. ‘Black Hands’ by Marsha De La O- reading

  126. 'Grandfather Mountain' by Richard Jarrette- reading

  127. ‘Fishing With My Father’ by Perie Longo- reading

  128. ‘Bad Luck’ by Perie Longo- reading

  129. ‘Said’ by Perie Longo- reading

  130. 'Photo of Three Sisters, 1964' by Perie Longo- reading

  131. ‘Sleep in the Mojave Desert’ by Sylvia Plath- reading

  132. ‘To the Great Enigma’ by Richard Jarrette- reading

  133. 'A Time Before the Fall' by Perie Longo- reading

  134. 'Lucy the Potter' by Perie Longo- reading

  135. Sonnet 2 by William Shakespear- reading
    William Shakespear, poet, poetry, poem, stevebraff, reading, spoken word

  136. ‘The Winter of Listening’ by David Whyte- reading

  137. 'A Hand' by Jane Hirshfield- reading

  138. 'Stems' by Catherine Abbey Hodges- reading

  139. 'Even the birds could not believe...' opening verse in Perie Longo's- "The Privacy of Wind"- reading

  140. 'Bone Boy' by Pamela Davis- reading

  141. 'The Monumental Beso' by Richard Jarrette- reading

  142. 'The Room' by Jane Hirshfield- reading

  143. 'Anerca' by Perie Longo- reading

  144. 'Apple' by Jane Hirshfield- reading

  145. 'Sneakers' by Joseph Madison, reading

  146. 'The Big Dipper' by David Thane Cornell, reading

  147. 'Red Berries' by Jane Hirshfield, reading

  148. 'The Female Line' by Pamela Davis, reading

  149. 'Attending Beso' by Richard Jarrette- reading

  150. Last Night's Words by Catherine Abbey Hodges- reading

  151. In Which All Is Made Clear by Catherine Abbey Hodges, reading

  152. Sisters of Mercy by Leonard Cohen- performed

  153. Excerpt from 'Ladder' by Jane Hirshfield- Reading

  154. Picking Blueberries, Austerlitz, New York, 1957 by Mary Oliver- reading

  155. 'When Death Comes' by Mary Oliver- reading

  156. 'A Certain Sharpness in the Morning Air' by Mary Oliver. Reading

  157. 'Mathematics' by Jane Hirshfield, reading

  158. 'Goldfinches' by Mary Oliver, reading

  159. 'The Envoy' by Jane Hirshfield

  160. 'Hawk' by Mary Oliver- reading

  161. 'Alligator Poem' by Mary Oliver- reading


Steve Braff Los Olivos, California

I have tried, in my way, to be free.

-Leonard Cohen

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